School of Nursing of Nanjing Medical University is one of the pioneers that restored higher nursing education in China in 1980. Nursing discipline is one of the first national authorized first-class nursing doctorate's and master’s degree centers, one of the first national authorized professional nursing master's degree centers, one of the key disciplines and one of the “13th Five-year Plan” disciplines in Jiangsu Province. In the 4th round of evaluation by the Ministry of Education in 2017, nursing discipline of Nanjing Medical University was rated as “B+”. Nursing program has been listed as the national-level specialty program, the provincial-level specialty program and the provincial key program.  The school owns a provincial-level nursing experimental and teaching demonstrative center, and a Central and Local co-constructive  laboratory (Nurses). Nursing course is a high-class provincial-level course, with the general editorship of national planning textbooks as well as teaching materials. Meanwhile, an “International Stoma Therapist School” has been established. Clinical nursing has been listed as one of the national-level clinical key specialties.

The School of Nursing has a group of teaching bases with strong strength and leading technology. By integrating teaching, scientific research, and clinical practice, it establishes the concept of “coordinating knowledge, ability, and quality, and promoting mutual development of learning, practice, and innovation”. It defines the teaching theory as strengthening basis, humanities, practice and innovation. It forms the school's characteristics of theory-practice-application linkage, foundation-clinic-community penetration, science-technology-humanity fusion, and teaching-researching-servicing mutual promotion. It has become a training ground for senior nursing personnel, a research base, and an academic exchange center.

In recent years, the school  has extensively carried out exchange activities and has actively developed cooperation with other colleges and universities in the U.S., U.K., Australia, Canada, Sweden, etc.

The school aims to cultivate outstanding nursing talents. Nursing education forms a multi-level talent training system for undergraduate education, postgraduate education, doctoral education, and continuing nursing education. A large number of excellent professionals in nursing education, nursing research, nursing management and clinical nursing top-notch innovation have been trained for medical colleges and medical institutions in China, many of whom have become well-known experts and scholars in the field of nursing.

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